Immediate Implants

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restore your smile to a natural state of health and beauty

Dental Implants have become so routine that it is now estimated that 2,000 implants are placed every weekday in the United States alone. These implants become integrated with your own bone cells, ultimately providing a convincing and lifelike replacement for missing or damaged teeth. A great deal of effort and a touch of artistry goes into making sure this prosthetic looks as natural as possible, and in this area Dr. B and his team are unrivaled.


Dr. B’s practice is the only one in Staten Island to offer “Immediate Implants”— a cutting-edge implant procedure that shortens the entire process from multiple surgical procedures that can last over a year to as little as a day or two!  By placing a threaded screw into the extraction socket immediately after extraction, it is possible to place a temporary crown the very same day.


The benefits of Immediate Implants are bountiful. Your treatment will now require the least amount of office visits and you no longer have to wear a removable prosthesis to hide the gap from extraction. Moreover, your new implants will have Immediate Function—your teeth will be able to eat and chew and perform functional tasks much sooner than with a traditional implant procedure. And of course, with an Immediate Smile, you’ll be able to showcase the new, beautiful you within days of the procedure.


As our office mantra says:

Immediate Implant Placement

Step By Step


Extraction Site

Figure 1: When extraction is necessary, it is important for the tooth to be removed with as little disturbance to the surrounding bone as possible.


Immediate implant with bone graft

Figure 2: Selecting the proper size implant allows it to remain in position. The remaining space in the socket is filled with bone grafting material, which can improve the final result.


Temporary Abutment and Crown

Figure 3: A temporary abutment and crown ready to be attached to the immediate implant. This is most often accomplished with a screw, which holds the crown securely and decreases the chance of movement, which could cause the implant to fail.


Temporary Crown in Place

Figure 4: The temporary crown is attached to the implant. Note that the crown is slightly shorter than the adjacent teeth, so that no contact with the implant can occur during the initial 2 months of healing.