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Delivering the highest quality care and life-changing smiles for over 40 years

I began my journey into implant surgery with one goal in mind – to effect positive change for my patients. After decades of practicing in this field, I can say without question that I’ve accomplished what I set out to do.  From your initial consultation at our spa-like offices, to your very first introduction to the brand new you, I cannot wait to help you along your journey too.

Dr. A. S. Biegeleisen


Abraham S. Biegeleisen received his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from CCNY, continuing his medical training at NYU. His passion for dental and implant surgery grew while at New York University and he then moved west to begin his Implant & Periodontal surgical training at USC, eventually returning to NYU to subsequently complete his studies. He began his private practice on Staten Island in 1980, and for over 40 years has been delivering the highest quality dental care to his patients. Today, he is one of the most trusted and reputable implant surgeons in the tri-state area.

+ New York Times Features Dr. B

Andrea Luisi


Office manager


Andrea joined Dr. Biegeleisen’s practice in January of 2001. She handles all billing and insurance for the office as well as the patients. In addition to her primary position, she is a trained dental assistant. She takes pride in her job and loves the relationships she’s built over the years working for Dr. B.

Victoria McGowan


Surgical Assistant


Victoria has been with Dr. Biegeleisen from the very beginning of her 30 year career. The best part of her job is the relationships she has formed with the practice’s patients, and seeing how much it has grown over the years. She truly loves what she does, and never gets tired of seeing how happy the patients are when they experience life-changing results!

Gladys Bonet


Dental Hygienist


A dental hygienist with 37 years of experience, Gladys has worked with Dr. Biegeleisen for 11 years. She is known to give the best cleanings hands down, according to her patients. “”I have a very rewarding career,” says Gladys “and I am grateful on a daily basis to have the opportunity to play an active role by listening, comforting and keeping my patients smiles healthy and beautiful.

Blake Benton


IT Specialist


Currently studying at Loyola University Maryland with a major in Finance, Blake operates behind the scenes, addressing the business’s financial statements and planning. Blake also searches for state of the art implant technology and innovative designs.

Briana Benton


Patient Liaison

As a graduate from Columbia university, Briana is a certified registered nurse anesthetist. Briana acts as a liaison to coordinate care between board-certified anesthesiologists and those patients who prefer a deeper level of sedation creating a pain free environment to meet each patients individual needs.